Life Sciences

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer what challenges do you face?

Inventory : requiring to know the stock levels of all materials based on First in First out (FIFO)   &   First Expiry First Out. (FEFO) methods. More so if you are a contract manufactures to maintain separated inventory for several principals is a challenge in itself. Basically to understand where the goods came from and where did they go?

Stores : unlike other industries goods are quarantined and separate labels are to be affixed to all the containers , container management, sampling management and coordinating with QA and QC on all material issues.

Regulatory compliances: strict conformity to the regulatory compliances and submission of data to all the relevant authorities for approval s Alignment: keeping the information flow, within the whole enterprise, transparent , and accountable.

  • Different Pharma sectors – different needs, different solutions
  • Pharma trading
  • Pharma – formulations
  • Pharma – Bulk drugs