B2B LIFT (Lifescience Information @ Finger Tips) is a specific solution to life science industries, which are seeking optimum efficiency in their business processes. B2B has developed B2B LIFT, a comprehensive life sciences software solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV platform with its cutting edge technology, makes it one of the most effective software solutions for the Life Sciences industry—in India, and in the rest of the world.

B2B LIFT aligns your business process by integrating the various modules, enables you to focus on your core business areas, helps the company to have seamless flow of information and helps in faster decision making.

B2B LIFT is a comprehensive, fully integrated, and scalable solution that offers the Life Science Industry the flexibility that is required for its multiple processes. It also conforms to the continuous regulatory changes in the market place, as well as addressing the requirements for regulatory compliance, quality control, traceability, and shelf life management.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Versions 2013 & 2016

Key functions include:

  • Batch-wise Production
  • Serial / Lot Tracking
  • Consignment Sales
  • Recipe
  • Yield Management
  • SOP
  • Stage-wise Process Description
  • Labeling / Packaging
  • Inventory Issue Methods (FEFO/FIFO)
  • Manual Planning
  • Graphical Scheduling
  • Direct Production Reporting

B2B LIFT uses an Advanced Quality Control add-on which has been tailor-made for control over both Inventory and Processes. The Quality Control Module covers all the aspects of a typical Pharma industry such as:

  • Quality Control analysis reports
  • Quarantine management
  • Inbound & In Process Quality Control
  • Assay/purity calculations
  • Raw material and lot traceability